My Favorite Craft Cans

15 Jun

There seems to be a direct positive correlation between the temperature outside and the consumption of beer. As the mercury rises, even the least enthusiastic of beer-drinkers among us get in the mood for a cold one. Because let’s face it, (most) summer activities are just better with beer. Unfortunately, beer bottles can be cumbersome to dispose of and less than ideal in venues where broken glass is an issue like on a boat or at the pool. So what’s a craft beer lover to do? The answer lies in cans. Gone are the days when the only beer available in cans was yellow, over-carbonated and tasteless. Fortunately, the canned craft beer market has expanded greatly in recent years with the recognition that, not only are cans more portable, but they can keep beer fresher by completely sealing out air and light.

With those Father’s Day cookouts looming, here are some of my favorite canned beers (in no particular order):

Sixpoint Resin: Hopheads will love this Double IPA which celebrates the resin secreted from hop cones. 

Boulder Beer Co. Hazed and Infused: This dry-hopped ale was the first of the brewery’s canned offerings.

21st Amendment Back in Black: Dark malts combine with a traditional IPA to create a beer with great flavor and a smooth finish. 

Oskar Blues Dale’s Pale Ale: This American Pale Ale is a summer staple and the first hand-canned craft beer in the U.S.

Alchemist Heady Topper: As the king of New England IPAs, this is a must-try for any hop-lover and a great excuse for a trip to Vermont. 

Looking for something a little more session-worthy? Nothing says summer like a Narragansett Summer Ale.

So drink those craft cans with pride! Just remember to recycle…


One Response to “My Favorite Craft Cans”

  1. joshuahale December 5, 2013 at 7:57 am #

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale is can-conditioned and so much better than the bottle because out it. I’d say add this to the summer rotation especially for sessions as it is usually $12 for a 12 pack.

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